Monday, September 9, 2013

She's never had a tough crowd

To the complete surprise of no one, we failed to switch to milk in the sippy before our pediatrician appointment.  I made the shameful confession  to Dr. R and she offered an understanding smile. She then explained that milk is nothing more than a source of calcium, and if Ivy refused it in a cup, that was okay, she could get calcium from yogurt or cheese. It was like hearing that everything I've ever known has been a lie, in the best possible way. Gone were our days of warm bottles every three hours, of buying a new gallon every couple of days, of trying to plan meals between bottles so Ivy would eat. Feeling light and free, I  headed home resolved to throw away the bottles.

That went over like a lead balloon full of Earth's hundred heaviest humans, each holding an anvil.  After an hour of Ivy standing by the fridge, opening and closing her hands in the gimme motion and wailing "Mommma  mommmma mommmma NO NO NO NO!" I caved.

So we've compromised and are holding steady at one bottle a day. It seems to be going alright. Though she hasn't taken to the milk filled sippy, and sticks her tongue in disgust anytime I trick her into trying it, she has been a lot better about trying new foods and drinking her water. That's not to say we haven't had a few moments of frustration. Like this morning. To be fair, Ivy hadn't gotten off to a great start after getting her leg stuck between crib railings. She was understandably grouchy, and  like I need my special mommy bottle (DC) during moments of distress, so she craved some warm milk relief. I stood in the bathroom doing my hair and Ivy, holding a bottle filled with water,  marched to the spot outside the door where I could best see her in the mirror, gave my reflection her best angry eyes, and threw the bottle. Then she picked it up, glared at me with even angrier eyes, and threw the bottle again.

My biggest downfall as a mother is my inclination to laugh when my child misbehaves. Ivy is so unintentionally hilarious when she turns on the drama that it takes all my strength to keep my scolding voice from cracking with giggles. Like this morning at breakfast when Ivy was trying to simultaneously throw a tantrum and eat cheerios (again, it wasn't our best AM). I had to excuse myself to another room to get all my smiling out before attempting to discipline. And then with the bottle protest I had to turn away, laugh as silently as possible and then deal.

Then there's those times when I just can't deal. When she attempts to be hilarious and succeeds. Like when she tries to put sunglasses on Ollie or wears her potty (never used) as a hat, or stands up in the middle of a diaper change and runs around the apartment half-naked.

I never expected to be so challenged or so entertained.


  1. Hahahahah. Let me know if you come up with a solution. Tantrums are just sooooo cuuuuuuuuuute.

    1. Ugh. I know. I really had no idea how easily I would crack.


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