Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dr. Ivy Answers

Meg in Colorado asks,
Dr. Ivy- Why did you poop in the bathtub this morning?

Dr. Ivy says,
"It is in the deepest of meditation that one is able to free one's mind and spirit of the burdens existence on this planet causes us to bear. As I relinquished my worries to the universe, my body gave way to complete relaxation. The gift I left in the tub was nothing more than a symbol of tranquility and peace."

Okay, but why did you then poop on the tile floor immediately afterward?

"My bad. Sorry."

Dr. Ivy
Dr. Ivy, The World's  Greatest Expert


  1. Ha. Motherhood - you are dominating.

  2. I once thought my little bro's tub poo was a raisin. Whoops.

  3. Haha! So, you've heard of projectile vomit... Turns out my Samuel is a projectile pooper. Last night we had our biggest poop fiasco yet and might have stained my parents white carpet. Three cheers for babies!


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