Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How you ever got to teach a course in anything is amazing

I'm working at a tech company. Did I tell you that? I'm working at a tech company. Consequently, I'm learning jargon. I resisted at first. But after about the 52nd time that my boss asked me to do something like "load the TRs to the CBTs" and I spent the next half hour staring blankly at my computer screen, I finally caved. Now I jarg with the best of them. It's an IFA on the sp with the doc bandwith.
So when it's lunch time, I like the silence. I like stepping out of the office and for 60 minutes not speaking to another soul. I like concentrating on food because I know what "soup" and "sandwich" mean without having to check a tech blog. So when I was deep in a tomato-basil induced trance, I was annoyed when the man next to me attempted a conversation. I gave him a one word answer, obligatory smile, and then checked my voicemail because I am obviously a very busy person with very important things to do with other very important people on the phone and I don't really need conversations with random cafe patrons. He ignored my ignoring. "You have kids?" he asked. I told him no. he told me kids are so much work. But that he loves his kids and he feels lost without them because they're spending the week at the grandparents. He said it's hard raising kids on your own, which he's been doing for twelve years. He told me to get a lab, that they're a real pain in the butt but I'll love that stupid dog like a family member until fifteen years later when it dies. He told me that a clean house makes a happy marriage and that a husband who helps clean the house is worth his weight in gold. He said if I'm a good cook all will be well, which sounds sexist but didn't feel sexist.
I walked away just that much happier to be as lucky as I am, and that much sadder that he isn't.
And then I TRed some CBTs.

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