Monday, March 2, 2009

Where's the wheel?

-Rachel Rasband is now Rachel Rushforth.  I dig that.
-Because I turned 23, Hannah decided I needed companionship  and bought me a hermit crab.  I've named him Carl.  Carl's not too big on people.  Any attempts at eye contact, and he's back  in his shell. I thought maybe Carl needed a friend.  However, I was  told that a friend, after returning from a vacation, found her once 2 hermit crabs to be 1 hermit crab and a half-eaten hermit crab.   And though crustacean cannibalism would probably sell tickets, I think PETA already has their eye on me (The death of Steve, hermit crab #1, may or may not have been due to negligence).
-Because I  turned 23, Stephen decided I needed to write stuff and bought me a moleskin notebook.  Not more that 2 days later, the moleskin notebook showed up on Stuff White People Like.  I'm white.  I like it.  So sue me.
-Tonight I lost my car key.  And that was delightful in comparison  to the "applefries" I tried at Burger King.  The King's Kingdom does not reach the land  of produce as it turns out, and all healthy menu options should be done away with immediately.
-I might be sick of Mexican food.  Grab your coat, we're going ice-skating on Hell.
-Lists lack style.

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