Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am currently without country

There's a picture of me hanging on the wall.  I'm 4 years old, dressed as a baby chick, with a feathery tutu and felt beak.  The photo was shot an hour before my dance recital, in which i gave a flawless performance, or so I was told by grandparents, repeatedly.  To celebrate such an astounding display of grace and artistic interpretation, we bought root-beer floats.  Mid float, something went wrong.  Without warning, I leaned over and vomited half the float and dinner all over Mom's lap.  Dad laughed. 
I wonder if sometimes my mom looks at me and thinks "girl who puked on me."  But then there are so many other applicable titles; "offspring which broke the kitchen sink," "the one that hit two parked cars," "daughter that dropped a computer,", etc.  
Thinking about children makes me want to take a preemptive nap.  And ibuprofen.

In other news, today Katie was asked out at the library.  She's going to a math convention with a boy who saved her number in his graphing calculator.



  1. Go Katie. Sounds like something she would do . . . just kidding!

  2. Yes. I'm excited that you are blogging again. And I posted a link to your blog on mine. Hope you don't mind.


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