Tuesday, January 27, 2009

zoloft for bunny

I appreciate blogspot's zeal.  It saves my post before I even begin typing. As though anticipating the awesomeness soon to come.  Saving a seat in the blogosphere.  Front row. Blogspot can see my sweat and feel my spit while I dance around the blogging stage, though (just saved again) it may be the lone soul in the concert hall's vast number of seats.  I don't know if this is read by anyone.  Ever.  So here's to posterity.  To my great grandson 453679340438034 (no names.  just numbers in 80 years.  Yes I will be 102.  Lifespans will have increased dramatically) who will happen upon this blog, using the computer chip implanted in his brain at birth (spank, cut cord, plant chip), and will in some small way connect with his now dementia-stricken, nursing home inhabitant of a relative.   

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